Vendace from Lake Miekojärvi in Finland

Vendace are usually fished from Lake Miekojärvi in Lapland from July to October. Vendace is usually the most delicious before roe begins growing in mid-August. Then it is best to prepare the vendace for winter storage. With today’s high-speed freezers and vacuums, vendace last a long time in home freezers. We usually use a seine net to catch vendace. The size is about 10 – 12 cm, making it great fried, baked, grilled or salted. Traditionally, boiled and fried vendace is served with mid-summer new potatoes for an unbeatable taste.

Lapland Wild Fish delivers vendace during the high season:

  • Ungutted
  • Gutted, 10 kg box
  • Gutted, vacuumed
  • Salted

Vendace roe is on offer from September to October.