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Come experience the fishing life with professionals on the magnificent Arctic Circle landscapes of Lake Miekojärvi in Lapland, the world’s northernmost fishing location for naturally-stocked zander, as well as pike, perch and brown trout. Methods of fishing include trolling, jig fishing and ice fishing from a Sirmet ferry. The company Lapland Wild Fish is located in Pello, the Fishing Capital of Finland.

Choose the programme package that best suits you, from a 2 hour fishing trip to an all-nighter 9 hour fishing excursion. You can also embark on a bank-side seine fishing programme for delicious vendace. We also arrange fish processing lessons.

Fresh Lake Miekojärvi fish directly from the fishermen

At the renovated fishing port at Pello’s Sirkkakoski in Lapland, you can now buy Miekojärvi fish for personal or commercial use straight from the fishermen themselves. The fish is available gutted, fileted, ground, packaged or salted as needed. Also, we offer live crayfish.

Fishing methods are purse seine, traps, nets, pots and jigging equipment. Zander, pike and burbot are available throughout the year, and vendace from July to October. Perch, bream and roach are available from April to September. Crayfish are available from July to September. Roe is available in season. We also deliver to Rovaniemi and Oulu in Finland.

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