Zander from  Miekojärvi in Lapland Torne  River Valley of Arctic Circle – the world’s northernmost natural zander

The northernmost natural population of zander live in lake Miekojärvi . Zander is known for its good taste, which can be traced to clean water sources, and its diet of  vendace and smelt.  Also, lake shrimp are part of the zander’s basic diet. We aim to keep zander in our selection all year round. It is fished with fyke nets, fishing nets and rods. The season is year-round. Despite the increasing number of zander in Lake Miekojärvi, the nightless nights still present a challenge for fisherman, as zanders’ eyes are sensitive to light.

Zander is a versatile fish for cooking and is easily deboned. It is brilliant in a frying pan, but is also tasty boiled, steamed, baked, grilled, marinated, smoked and in sushi.

Lapland  Wild Fish  offers  zander  as follows :

  • gutted 13,50 €/kg
  • skin-on (scaled) fillet 29 €/kg
  • skinless fillet 29 €/kg
  • If required, we can also supply fillets completely boneless at an additional price.

As additional products for  zander  we supply:

  • cheek meat 32 €/kg
  • fin meat 8 €/kg
  • ribs for fish broths 3 €/kg
  • Prices (incl.VAT 14 % ) free at Miekojärvi fishing  harbour in Sirkkakoski.

For larger quantities, please ask for a quote from the menu above.