Join the professionals on a winter fishing excursion on the Arctic Circle in Finland. The winter fishing season on the lake usually starts in November, when the ice is sufficiently strong enough to travel across. The main catch is zander, and Lake Miekojärvi in Lapland is their northernmost natural habitat. We also catch pike and burbot. In the early winter, the focus is on catching zander and pike. January and February starts the burbot season. In early spring, from March to May, we catch zander, pike, perch and roach.

Come and experience long blue twilights and polar nights at Lake Miekojärvi, surrounded by stunning winter landscapes from November to February. From March to May, spring comes to the Arctic Circle, bringing along the warmth of the sun, and filling the air with migratory flocks of birds and their songs. People enjoy watching the birds while ice fishing as the sun is shining onto the snow reflecting bright white or while the professionals check the fish nets.

The ice weakens by spring, and there are open patches of water, so we enjoy free fishing from a hydrocopter until the ice breaks up in mid-May. The perch and zander bite the most then, just before their spawning season. For winter fishing, we use fyke nets, fish traps, nets and jigging equipment.

Ask for a quote on winter fishing, so we can arrange a suitable time and fishing experience for you.

We do not go winter fishing when there are strong winds or temperatures drop below -20° C.