Sustainable commercial fishing in the Arctic Circle’s Lake Miekojärvi in the Torne River Valley.

Fish traps
Traps are mainly used for catching perch and roach. The season is primarily between spring and summer. By the end of autumn, traps are also used to catch burbot.

The seine season starts around midsummer and lasts until October. Seine nets are used to catch vendace and smelt.

Net fishing
Net fishing happens in the cold waters of  September to end of October.   We use 55-60 mm nets for sustainable fishing. Using this method, the main catches are pike, zander, bream and burbot.

Trolling usually happens in the warm waters of July and August. Catches are pike, zander and perch .

Jig fishing
Jig fishing can be practiced throughout the open season. Catches include pike, zander and perch.

The crayfish season begins July 21 and continues until early September. Traps are used to catch the Miekojärvi crayfish.

Fyke  fishing
As a rule, we use 3m and 5m hoops. During the open seasons, catches include pike, bream, zander, perch, roach and burbot.