Winter fishing / ice fishing on Lake Miekojärvi in Lapland, Finland

Net fishing

In winter in Lapland, the nets are used under the ice. The mesh is 55-60 cm in order to sustain the fish population. The main catches of the nets are pike, zander and burbot.

Fyke nets

In winter, fyke nets are put down just before the arrival of ice or immediately following. Fyke nets usually have 3 – 5 m hoops and a low fyke. The nets are pulled onto the ice for inspection. The catch is mostly burbot and pike.

Fish traps

Fish traps are used under the ice in winter in Finland. From January to February, the main catch is burbot, and in the spring, roach.

Fishing rod

In winter, you can also make a hole in the ice and fish with a rod. The main catches in early spring are pike, zander and burbot. In the spring, the main catch is perch.