Sirkkakoski is a river- and lakeside village on the northern shore of Lake Miekojärvi in the Pello municipality. The small village was founded in 1738 by Jonas Hansson (later Joonas Hannunpoika Pudas), the guide of the French Maupertuis expedition. He first visited the village area in 1736, when the expedition landed at the Sirkkakoski rapids to set up triangulation equipment. Jonas returned a few years later with his family to live in Sirkkakoski due to its abundance of fish and other natural resources.

Sirkkakoski was completely destroyed during the Lapland War in 1945. Reconstruction began immediately after the evacuees returned. The village’s main livelihoods have been land and forestry, fishing, and reindeer husbandry. Sirkkakoski is also known for its small business entrepreneurs, as well as versatile sports and cultural activities. Popular stage dances are held on the village shore in summer. The fishing port and marina of Miekojärvi are located in Sirkkakoski.