Jouko Sirkkala pro fishing guide and commercial fisherman in Lapland Wild Fish

Lapland Wild Fish (Lapin Villikala) is in the business of fish tourism, fish processing and commercial fishing. The company operates lakes in the Tengeliö River area in Torne River Valley in Lapland. Most important fishing destinations are Lake Miekojärvi and Koutusjärvi. Fish processing is done at the EU-certified Miekojärvi Lake fishing harbor in  fishing capital of Finland of Pello`s Sirkkakoski .

Fisherman Mr. Jouko Sirkkala owns the company, whose professional fishing roots run back five generations and 50 years of fishing by yourself.

The main objectives of Lapland Wild Fish are sustainable fishing and fishing tourism. The fishery favours selective fishing methods and aims to distribute fishing pressure evenly among the different species of fish. The fish are allowed to mature at least until adulthood, and we attempt to leave the largest specimens in the waterways to strengthen the genetic makeup of the fish.

Lapland Wild Fish (Lapin Villikala) attaches great importance to the purity of the waterways and the possibility of fish stocks naturally growing in both the lakes and streams. All of this culminates in the unique clean and delicious fish of the Arctic Circle, which provides customers with the freshest and properly processed fish.

Fishing tourism in the clear waters of lakes Miekojärvi  and Koutusjärvi in  Torne River Valley of  Lapland and the spectacular scenery is an experience that brings people from around the world. The Nightless Nights in the summer and the Northern Lights in the  late Autumn create a unique atmosphere for fishing trips. Spring brings migratory birds and autumn paints the scenery in wonderful colors. Fishing tourism  lakes Miekojärvi and Koutusjärvi  best time is June – October . Ice fishing in lake Miekojärvi best time is March-April, when the sun starts to warm up.

During the open water season in Miekojärvi, Lapland Wild Fish’s main boat is a fully aluminium  and built in Finland Sirmet 525 ferry, with a catamaran hull and a load capacity of 1100 kg. In lake Koutusjärvi boat is Finnish Yki fishing boat to 2 person  in addition to the guide.    On the strong ice, we move  on the lake on Finnish Lynx Yeti snowmobile and  Polaris ATV.