Lake Miekojärvi – the Arctic Circle lake in Lapland `s Torne River Valley 

Lake Miekojärvi is the largest lake in westerns part of Finnish Lapland, with an area of approximately 53 km². Lying across the Arctic Circle, Miekojärvi is called the “Pearl of the Arctic Circle” The lake draws water from several other lakes and numerous river basins. The waters continue from Miekojärvi through the Tengelionjoki river to the Torne River and then into the Baltic Sea.

Fishing is very popular on Lake Miekojärvi. The most popular methods of fishing on the lake are trolling and jig fishing. Miekojärvi offers a great habitat for many catchable fish, the most desirable of which are the world’s northernmost naturally occurring zander. Lake Miekojärvi’s predatory fish feed on vendace from backwaters and smelt and roach from coastal waters. Other sought-after fishing tourism catches from Miekojärvi include pike, perch,  trout, burbot, ide and bream. There are almost 20 species of fish in the lake, as well as a very rare species of freshwater crayfish.

When speaking of Lake Miekojärvi, you can’t forget about the traditional main method of fishing vendace from the banks. Beach fishing is also loved by less experienced fishermen, as it is a spectacular way to fish the lake. Miekojärvi has been fished by professionals since the 19th century. The main catches from the lake are vendace, smelt and whitefish.

A trip to Lake Miekojärvi is not complete without visiting the Orhinselänniemi sandbar, a unique natural destination. In 2007, Erä magazine chose Orhinselänniemi as Finland’s most beautiful sandy beach. Nature tourists will love the walking trail on the island of Vaarasaari, with berries and mushrooms for picking, and pure spring water for drinking. There are sightseeing trails in Pieskänjupukka and Moinavaara, with the natural beauty of the whole Tengelionjoki river basin on display.